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24/12/2014   Record numbers

2014 is almost over, and again, we have been able to welcome more visitors to tiny-world-BIG.com than in the previous year - thanks a lot for your loyalty! In the coming months we will add a new multimedia feature to our website which should make our reports even more interesting - so make sure to check back in the new year...

Unfortunately there's no good news about the graffiti stickers by Langer Grafix. Mr. Langer did not get back to us, and while the company website is still live, we have to assume that they have ceased trading.

Of course, life in our tiny world goes on! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with peace, joy, and meaning.

04/10/2014   About the graffiti stickers by Langer Grafix

Back in October 2007 we published our positive experiences with graffiti stickers by Langer Grafix. In recent weeks we have received several emails from readers suggesting that Langer Grafix has ceased trading while their website is still live. To verify this information we have written to Mr. Langer ourselves and are currently awaiting a response. We would like to emphasise that there has never been a business connection between tiny-world-BIG.com and Langer Grafix, and it is not possible to buy their graffiti stickers through our website.

Of course, we will keep you updated on this matter.

24/09/2014   RIETZE Ford Mondeo Saloon

Time for another product test! On this occasion, the Ford Mondeo Saloon by German modelmaker Rietze is under close scrutiny, and we are looking at the version which was built from 2000 until 2003. The miniature model was launched many moons ago, too, but does it make sense at all to test a vehicle that has been pushed off most shop shelves by more modern model cars? Well, we believe it does. Even on a contemporary model railway layout you should see some older cars (just like in reality), and if your layout is set just after the turn of the millennium, you might even want to put the little Mondeo into the showroom of a Ford dealership...

Read our detailed test report.

17/08/2014   Keep your workplace tidy!

When it comes to miniature modelling, a tidy workplace is essential. How easily can those tiny parts needed for making 1/87 scale models get lost in a mess! DIY stores offer some handy solutions - find out here how we keep on top of things on our work bench.

07/08/2014   tiny-world-BIG.com is now on Twitter

Did you see the little bird in the menu bar above? From now on, you can get all the latest news from our miniature world by following us on Twitter! We are @TinyWorldBIG and we do not only announce updates to our website, but we also allow you a look behind the scenes - find out what can go wrong when it comes to miniature modelling and why this hobby still means so much to us. Plus, get to know the people who create and maintain tiny-world-BIG.com.

It's time to say goodbye, too. While a big number of fans of our German sister website welt-im-modell.de has subscribed to our regular newsletter, this feature did not prove as popular among English-speaking modellers. Against this backdrop and with regard to the amount of time and money we had to spend on two separate editions, we have decided to discontinue our English newsletter.

Unhappy with that? Let us know what you think and drop us a line. For now, we would like to thank you for your understanding.

06/07/2014   Professional tools

With regard to our Berlin vehicle project, we have received a number of emails about the "professional tools" we use. Well, we have been doing miniature modelling since 1980, but have we really ever had "professional tools"? Read here what we think about that.

And, of course, there is some more news about the overhead wiring maintenance vehicle itself, too: We have begun working on the driver's cabin and the on-board workshop - our detailed report now comprises nine interesting chapters! Click here for the table of contents.

04/05/2014   Helping hand

Sometimes you can't have enough hands when it comes to miniature modelling: We have made a holder for painting small parts, a so-called 'helping hand' which has also proven useful when taking photos. Provided you have got the right picture editing software, the holder can be easily airbrushed out of the photograph, creating the impression of a floating object...

There is also some progress with our overhead wiring maintenance vehicle - two new chapters of our detailed pictorial are waiting for you to be discovered!

16/03/2014   How to remove prints and paint layers

Have you ever tried to get rid of unwanted prints on one of your models? Did anything go wrong when you painted a part and you would literally like to wipe the slate clean? Well, German manufacturer LUX-Modellbau promises help with their 'Print and Paint Remover DLE-90'. While some people simply call the product 'magic', others condemn it as being too aggressive - obviously when it had some unwanted side effects on their beloved miniature models. We wanted to find out ourselves - here is our detailed report.

We have also added a new chapter to our latest pictorial - read all about our very own miniature replication of the 'OMF 3-1', the two-way vehicle that can drive on the road as well as on tram tracks and that is used for repair and maintenance work on Berlin’s overhead wiring network.

23/02/2014   SCHUCO Range Rover Sport

We are pleased to present another detailed product test: This time, we are having a close look at the Range Rover Sport by SCHUCO. Find out here if it is worth buying this luxurious 4x4 for your own model railway layout or diorama.

As promised, we have finally started the actual construction process of the 1/87-scale overhead wiring maintenance vehicle. Enjoy our fascinating step-by-step pictorial with many informative photos!

Less spectacular, we have also done some work 'behind the scenes': You are now able to switch between English and German language on every single web page of our bilingual internet project. From your comments we know that many of our international visitors share our passion for railway and miniature modelling but not our native language German - most of them, though, speak at least English. So whenever your search engine takes you to our German pages, you are only one mouse click (on the little flag symbol flags of USA and UK) away from getting the exact same information in English - you won't find that very often elsewhere!

19/01/2014   Alexander's model railway repair shop

Travel back with us to the 1980's! We have made a lovely diorama showing a small model railway repair shop situated in the outskirts of Heidelberg, Germany. You can find out in our detailed pictorial about the LED illumination technology used for the diorama, its elegant wooden plinth and all the countless tiny details which have become our trademark.

At long last, we got a pile of photos of the Berlin-based overhead wiring maintenance vehicle which finally enable us to get started with the actual building process - we really can't wait, so keep an eye on our website to watch the progress in the coming months.

29/04/2012   Miniature parcels

Miniature parcels are some of those lovely details that enliven a model scene. We show you how to make them yourself with little effort and without spending any money - our hobby is costly enough! Click here to take another pick from our bag of tricks.

Apart from that, we have continued our pictorial on the overhead wiring maintenance vehicle. This report is now divided into several chapters. Find out here about the progress we have made so far.

05/04/2012   New modelling project

We are building a 1/87 scale model of a special-purpose vehicle owned by the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), a public-law institution responsible for most aspects of the transport system in Berlin, Germany. Watch us making a true-to-scale miniature of the 'OMF 3-1', a two-way vehicle that can drive on the road as well as on tram tracks and that is used for repair and maintenance work on Berlin’s overhead wiring network. You'll find our breathtaking pictorial here.

Furthermore, we had a closer look at the LED ball-shaped bulbs and the battery box by Kahlert-Licht. Our report tells you whether these items which are actually made for the illumination of Christmas mangers are suitable for modelling purposes as well.

Finally, our bag of tricks reveals how we built the no-cost photographical studio we use for taking pictures of our model cars.

08/03/2012   Long-distance transport

Today we would like to show you the first long-distance transport carriage in our model railway rolling stock: The Intercity 1st class open-plan carriage Apmz 127.1 by Roco is really lovely. As you can tell from its impressive length, it is a true-to-scale carriage - we will probably never fall in love with one of those shortened 1/100 scale models...

Apart from that, we take a pick from our bag of tricks and tell you how to avoid fingerprints on your precious model vehicles by using a rather simple trick.

29/02/2012   welt-im-modell.com has become tiny-world-BIG.com

After the successful relaunch of our German website welt-im-modell.de a few months ago, we have now redesigned its English counterpart as well and given it a new name: tiny-world-BIG.com. You can enjoy its fresh, modern look, and, compared to its predecessor, navigation has become even easier. Furthermore, the web code complies with the latest browser generation.

We would appreciate getting your feedback - just drop us a line by using our contact form or simply write into our new, dedicated English language guestbook!


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