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ein großes Fragezeichen vor einer optisch stark verfremdeten Elok

The concepts behind our model railway projects

Rural life layout (in progress): Before building our big ‘city life’ layout, we want to try and practise our skills on a smaller model railway project (140 cm x 110 cm = 55.1 in x 43.3 in). We have decided to create a rural scene: In the 1960’s a few tracks connect the fictional tiny village ‘Mueckenbach’ with the rest of the world. Enjoy with us the steam loco era - performed by modern digital model railway equipment.

City life layout (not yet planned out): We want to make a 1/87 scale three-level-layout showing a section of a fictional city of 200,000 inhabitants situated in the Eastern part of Germany (about the year 2005). The lower layout level will conceal some sidings for our trains and only in its front part show the recently modernized station in the North of the city which is mainly being frequented by commuters. On the medium level we want to model streets, houses and a H0 gauge tramway system with miniature trams and a small depot for them, whereas the upper level will only be covered with a few buildings and primarily has to hide the sidings for the tramcars.

Watch our plans becoming reality on www.tiny-world-BIG.com!

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