1. A room for our layout

der Dachboden als künftige 'Heimat' unserer AnlageIn this loft we want to create our miniature world! So we have to accept that the sloping roof will limit our model railway dreams. But at least we will be able to improve the lighting situation: Two additional neon tubes will let the sun shine over our layout.

zwei blaue Farbkleckse an der WandWe want to take a lot of photos of our model railway which will, of course, look much more realistic with a ‘blue sky’ background than in front of old wallpapers. After experimenting with different colour shades, we decided to paint the walls light blue.

mit dem Farbroller werden die alten Tapeten hellblau angelegtAt an early stage of our model railway project we are getting used to working in a lying position. Due to the sloping roof we will have to build at least our 'city life' layout on a much lower level than most other railway modellers do.

der fertig gestrichene, mit Zusatzleuchten versehene Moba-RaumFrom now on the sun will be shining from a clear blue sky every day. Let's start the layout substructure work!


 All the chapters of our pictorial report / table of contents:
       1. A room for our layout
       2. Materials list
       3. Baseboard construction & tracks
       4. Bridges

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