4.1 Viaduct

An impressive viaduct is one of the highlights of a model railway layout. There are different ways to build this kind of bridge - we have chosen an unusual one: A kibri plastic kit will be modified and covered with a thin layer of plaster that will be engraved with a realistic brickwork structure.

der kibri-Bausatz dient als Grundlage für unser Viadukt

In order to gain a first impression of the dimensions of the bridge we stuck some of the parts together (without the application of glue):

einzelne Teile wurden probeweise zusammengesteckt

einzelne Teile wurden probeweise zusammengesteckt

But the kibri kit should only be the basis for our bridge which will have a moderate gradient and only five arches instead of six. So first we cut off a bit of each side part... 

Kürzen der Seitenteile

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