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viele Fotos von Loks und Wagen liegen auf einem blauen Tischtuch

Our expanding rolling stock

Steam locomotives Diesel locomotives Electric locomotives
Class 70
to be presented soon
Class 143
Motor coaches (internal combustion) Motor coaches (electric)
Class VT 642 "Desiro"
to be presented soon
Carriages (local/regional transport) Carriages (long-distance transport)
2st class double-deck carriage - 8 DBuz 747.3 Intercity 1st class open-plan carriage - Apmz 127.1
Double-deck control car - 3 DABbuzf 778.2

"Donnerbuechse" BPostid-21 (post compartm.)  
"Donnerbuechse" Cid 21 (former Bid 21)  
ICE 3 (German high speed train)  
1st class control car  
1st class carriage with pantograph  
2nd class carriage  
Bistro carriage  
2nd class carriage with pantograph  
2nd class control car
Swine wagon

Class 450 (Karlsruhe region/Germany)


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