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ein frisch gespitzter Bleistift liegt vor unserem VT642

The track plan for our rural life layout 'Mueckenbach'

We got the basic idea for this rather small layout from a several decades old track plans book. As already mentioned elsewhere, we want to try different layout construction and train control techniques on a minor model railway project. Making use of our experience as diorama modellers, we will do our best to hide the double-oval route of the tracks, which could easily look a bit toy-like, by skilfully creating a plausible scenery.

layout size: 1400 mm x 1100 mm
der Gleisplan zu unserer ländlichen Kleinanlage 'Mückenbach'

                                                                 EG = station building
                                                                 StW = railway control centre
                                                                 GS = goods shed

The tracks will be embedded in a mountain scenery with a beautiful viaduct. The two unmarked buildings in the middle of the layout belong to a piggery.

Watch us building this layout on www.tiny-world-BIG.com!

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