Family home construction site


A peaceful German housing estate on a beautiful afternoon in June. While washing his car, Mr. Krause watches his future neighbours who are obviously enjoying the sunshine in their building pit. One can imagine that his petty bourgeois tidiness will not have much in common with the unconventional way of life behind the bright picket fence…

Diorama 'Baustelle für ein Einfamilienhaus'

We needed:

1. Base plate

die Bodenplatte des DioramasMaking this diorama didn’t cost us much money because we could use many things other people might have thrown away, and fortunately we were able to take some spare parts from modelling kits we had already bought earlier.

First of all we glued a piece of styrofoam onto an old laminated cork tile (20 cm x 20 cm / 7.9 in x 7.9 in), and, using a sharp knife, we cut out a hole that would become the building pit. Apart from that, we carefully took off some material where the entry to the pit would be situated.

The grey area in front of the pit is not a street but the paved driveway of the neighbouring house where the Krause family lives. We took the cobblestone sheets by BRAWA which is quite suitable for this purpose. The white polystyrene strip marks the border between the properties.

Once we had covered the whole construction site area with a thin layer of plaster we shaped the edges of the pit with a chisel (a very cheap one from the discounter). 

Bearbeitung des Gips mit dem Stechbeitel

Once the typical traces of a backhoe shovel were visible, we allowed the plaster to dry completely. 

im trocknenden Gips sind 'Baggerschaufelspuren' zu sehen

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