Continuation: Family home construction site

4. Picket fence

When we bought this assortment of fences (by FALLER, 526) twenty years ago, nobody would have thought that the package wouldn't be openend before 2008 - for a construction site diorama!

Zaunsortiment von FALLER

Anbringen der ZaunlattenTo refine the picket fence that represents the production standard of the modelling industry in the 1980’s, we added some posts made from a thin polystyrene strip - just one of various fiddly jobs for us to be done. 

Now the fence separates the Krause family’s neat and tidy property from the ‘shame next door’ as they use to say.

der nunmehr auf dem Diorama aufgestellte Lattenzaun

5. The Krause family's flower bed

Pflanzenkübel-Set von BUSCHSome contents of the 'flower and planter set' by BUSCH seemed to be suitable to create a nice little flower bed.

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