Continuation: Family home construction site

der mit Leim beträufelte Miniatur-RindenmulchThe brown granules that came with the BUSCH kit look like miniature bark chips. To fix them to the ground we drizzled some ’Scenic-Cement’, a transparently drying fixing glue from the Scenery-Kit by NOCH, on them. We had added a drop of washing-up liquid to prevent the granules from floating.  

When the glue had dried completely we pricked some holes for the plants into the bark chips. BUSCH provided us with a tool for that. They call it a 'special needle'. Well, it looks like an ordinary nail but seems to be covered with a chrome-like material.

'Spezialnadel' aus dem BUSCH-Set

'Einpflanzen' der Sonnenblumen mittels einer PinzetteThe flowers and plants taken from the kit had to be assembled from many tiny parts first. We needed a pair of tweezers for that and used them afterwards for planting as well. So it took us hours to cover the little bed with plants.

But it was worth the effort, as our photo below shows.

das fertig bepflanzte Gartenbeet

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