Continuation: Family home construction site

6. Concrete foundation

Bohren unzähliger Löcher mit dem SchnellläuferAfter we had painted the polystyrene plate concrete grey, we bored with a very thin drill four lines of holes parallel to the edges of the plate. The holes had to take the steel rods that (talking about a real house) connect the walls to the foundation. 

Einkleben der feinen DrahtstifteTo imitate these rods we cut a very fine wire into similar pieces and glued them one by one into the holes - really a Sisyphean task! Just like in reality the rods are arranged in rows but don’t jut out from the concrete too uniformly.

Anbringen der Miniatur-SchalbretterFrom 0.5 mm thin and 5 mm wide lime tree profiles we cut little ‘boards’ and stuck them around the concrete foundation as a cladding.  

The dark brown wooden stakes in our next picture were made from painted cylindrical polystyrene profiles. Finally we glued the foundation into the building pit.

Stützpflöcke umgeben die Fundamentplatte

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