Continuation: Family home construction site

We filled the gap between the pit walls and the cladding with brownish miniature ballast by NOCH ( 09372).

Einfüllen des Miniaturschotters mit Hilfe eines kleinen Plastiklöffels

Stützbretter vervollständigen das BildAnd just like in reality we inserted some additional wooden boards to ‘support’ the stakes.   

7. Advertising panel

We wanted to put an advertising panel next to the building pit as it can often be seen on construction sites in Germany. So we designed an ad for the (fictional) ‘VONAFIX’ prefab company on our PC. To make the hoarding we needed those fine wooden profiles from the arts and crafts shop again.

das Material für die Werbetafel

Holzleistchen wurden auf hauchdünne Klarsichtfolie geklebtWe cut the 5 mm wide and 0.5 mm thick lime tree profiles to equal pieces and stuck them onto a very thin but still rather strong transparent film. On the other side of the film we fixed the advertising message.

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