Continuation: Family home construction site

Mini-Kanthölzer auf der Rückseite der WerbetafelFinally we glued the panel to some miniature square timbers.  

die fertige VONAFIX-WerbetafelDone!

8. Further accessories

Mr. Krause is a proud owner of an Audi A2. We took a RIETZE model car but enhanced some details (e.g. reversing and indicator lights) and added a few small items (e.g. number plates). The next photo shows the comparison between a normal car just taken from the package (left) and our improved model.

links ein Serienfahrzeug, rechts der gesuperte A2

Audi A2 mit abgenommenen Achsen, Felgen und ReifenUnfortunately, the original model car came with too long axles and the rims were too big for the tyres! So we shortened the steel pins and took some other tyres from our spare parts depot. And we took the opportunity to give the rims a more realistic aluminium-like appearance and painted them with REVELL’s colour no.99. We are pretty sure that their former greyish plastic look wouldn’t have satisfied Mr. Krause…  

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