Continuation: Family home construction site

junge Frau auf einer gelben PicknickdeckeThe yellow picnic rug was cut from a three ply tissue napkin. Plate, bottle and pretzel were taken from the PREISER kit 'tableware, food' ( 17220). In order to make the white pretzel look that scrumptious we had to apply some brownish paint on the incredibly tiny plastic part that had originally been white. The German model railway magazine is a product of our photo printer. 

Gartenschlauch mit EimerThe bucket had been a flowerpot (from the BUSCH kit) before we painted it red and applied a handle made from very thin metal wire. The garden hose is a piece of painted wire.

Well, that’s it! After we had finished our diorama we took it out of the house to take some pictures in a natural environment - we hope you’ll enjoy the photos on the next pages. 

das fertige Diorama im Überblick

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