1. About the Berlin-based vehicle

The 'OMF 3-1' is a two-way vehicle that can drive on the road as well as on tram tracks. It is used for repair and maintenance work on Berlin’s overhead wiring network.

The driver's cab is connected to an on-board workshop room from where the maintenance team can get to their service area near the tram wire by a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP). This platform is mounted on a telescopic boom and can be rested in almost any desired position.

das OMF der BVG von hinten rechts gesehen

However, making a perfect model of this overhead wiring maintenance vehicle is a huge challenge, even when it is not in action. Therefore, we decided to reproduce the 'OMF 3-1' parked with its MEWP in the inoperative state.

The vehicle was made by the former specialist company Schörling Brock GmbH for and in cooperation with the BVG. As you can see in our next picture, there are several similar catenary vehicles, but you will find some significant differences in detail. We chose to reproduce the one with the Berlin registration number B-EV 1312.

mehrere OMF der BVG 'in Aktion'

At this point, we would like to say special thanks to our photographer in Berlin, Mr Wolfgang Barnitzke, who has contributed to this project with a supply of wonderful pictures of the ‘OMF 3-1’. If you have got any further photos or information on this vehicle and would like to help us, please don’t hesitate to contact us - the easiest way of doing so is using our contact form. We are especially desperate for some top view pictures! Your support will be very much appreciated.

Update: We have now got quite a number of detailed photographs! Nevertheless, further pictures and any information regarding the vehicle will always be welcome.


Table of contents
1. Brief presentation of the Berlin-based vehicle
2. Materials list
3. A suitable model vehicle for our project
4. Wheels
5. Front bumper and grille
6. Chassis with attached parts
7. Front mudguards with footsteps
8. Driver's cab
9. On-board workshop

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