5. Front bumper and grille

comparison of the old and the facelifted vehicle frontUnfortunately, the front of our initial HERPA model looked slightly different from the one of the Berlin-based maintenance vehicle. This chapter of our pictorial will cover the modification of the front bumper and the grille of our model.

The photo on the left shows a comparison of both vehicle fronts - the more modern-looking one replicated by HERPA (top) and the BVG one we were building. Luckily, the differences are not too big: We had to 'move' the indicators into the headlamp units and attach air deflectors/spoilers to either side of the grille. To our relief, the shape of the front bumper was exactly the same. Hence, apart from adding some accessories and paint, there was no major work involved in reproducing the bumper.

HERPA parts (grille and front bumper)Let's have a look at the two original HERPA parts. The chrome-plated headlamps do not look very realistic - depending on the light situation, the mirror surfaces change their color from bright white to deep black. We therefore decided to replace them with our own construction which would include the indicators as well.

the grille after some chrome applications had been removedFirst of all, using the print and paint remover DLE-90 by German manufacturer LUX-MODELLBAU (read more about our experiences with this product), we removed the orange front indicators and the chrome applications (headlamps) from the grille part.

filing down the head lampsAfterwards, we carefully filed down the (now entirely black) headlamp stubs, taking off approximately half a millimetre of plastic.

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