7. Front mudguards with footsteps

The Mercedes Atego cabin is 'only' 2.30 m (7.55 ft) wide. To make the vehicle look more impressive, it was usually equipped with wide front mudguards. While this might (or might not) be awe inspiring on the motorway, it can quickly become a problem in cramped urban alleys full of parked cars. Therefore, the Atego was also available with narrow mudguards, and this rather rare option embellishes the Berlin-based overhead wiring maintenance vehicle. Now guess which version HERPA had replicated... Otherwise it would have been too easy for us, wouldn't it?

Narrow on the left, wide on the right - our photo below clearly shows why some modification work was necessary again:

Kotflügelvergleich von Original-OMF und HERPA-Basismodell

It took us and our file about one hour - TLC rather than rough filing down - until the 'love handles' were gone. Our model vehicle has now got true-to-scale narrow mudguards. At the same time, we reduced the width of the footsteps a little bit, but at this stage we did not enhance the black plastic part any further (paint, fine details) as we would have to touch it again and again during the further construction process.

Steckprobe von Fahrerhaus und Kotflügeln

(chapter to be continued)

Table of contents
1. Brief presentation of the Berlin-based vehicle
2. Materials list
3. A suitable model vehicle for our project
4. Wheels
5. Front bumper and grille
6. Chassis with attached parts
7. Front mudguards with footsteps
8. Driver's cab
9. On-board workshop

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