9. On-board workshop

photo illustrating the conceptWe quite like working with plastic sheet because it can be easily cut to size. It can also be filed, bent, glued together using ordinary plastic glue and, of course, painted. The on-board workshop had to be made from scratch, therefore some planning work was the first step. We intended to use some rather thick (3 mm = 0.12 in) plastic sheet as base plate which would be surrounded by much thinner (0.75 mm = 0.03 in) side walls. The position of the base plate is shown in our picture on the left.

floor and roof part of the workshop, made from white plastic sheetWe started our construction work by making the base plate (on the left in our picture) and the roof plate whose edges have got the exact same length but which is considerably thinner (1mm = 0.04 in).

Next step would be the making of the biggest side wall of the workshop: The one on the driver's side which has got a window. From the very outset we were keen on making the workshop, an important and characteristic part of the overhead wiring maintence vehicle, as sturdy and close to reality as possible - nothing should look squint or warped. This is, of course, one of the great challenges when working with thin (0.75 mm = 0.03 in) plastic sheet.

spare parts cabinet inside the on-board workshopOn the inside of the side wall (here seen through the open workshop door) there is an almost ceiling-high spare parts cabinet. We would make a simplified replica of this cabinet whose main purpose would be the reinforcement of the side wall.

one of the workshop side walls beside some 3 mm thick plastic sheetFirst of all, we cut the wall from 0.75 mm (0.03 in) thin plastic sheet and used a file to bring it to the correct measurements. The missing bit at the bottom-left corner of the wall would allow it to connect flush to the front mudguard (see first photo of the current page). The basis for the spare parts cabinet would be cut from the 3 mm (0.12 in) thick plastic sheet on the right. 

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