Overhead wiring maintenance vehicle (BVG)

In the course of our latest project we are making a 1/87 scale model of a special-purpose vehicle owned by the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), a public-law institution responsible for most aspects of the transport system in Berlin, Germany.

das OMF der BVG von vorne links gesehen

Watch us building a true-to-scale miniature of the 'OMF 3-1', a two-way vehicle that can drive on the road as well as on tram tracks and that is used for repair and maintenance work on Berlin’s overhead wiring network. Our report is divided into several chapters; please find the table of contents below:

       1. Brief presentation of the Berlin-based vehicle
       2. Materials list
       3. A suitable model vehicle for our project
       4. Wheels
       5. Front bumper and grille
       6. Chassis with attached parts  flashing banner 'updated'
       7. Front mudguards with footsteps
       8. Driver's cab  flashing banner 'new'
       9. On-board workshop  flashing banner 'new'

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