Continuation: 'Luigi's ice cream parlour'

die Laterne an ihrer endgültigen Position an der StraßeneckeIt looks quite realistic, doesn’t it? By the way, we cut the ‘lamp hat’ mountings from thin black adhesive tape. 

6. Miniature figures and convertible

bemalte PREISER-Figuren liegen neben unbemaltenWithout miniature people our diorama would look very unnatural. We prefer unpainted figures - they are cheaper and we are more flexible 'dressing' them the way we want to.

partiell mit Hautfarbe bemalte Figurenrohlinge neben einer Revell-FarbdoseUsually we begin painting them with skin colour (e.g. REVELL no. 35); after that, light before dark colours should be applied and those articles of clothing that are covered by others should be painted before the outer wear. By the way, we cut off the feet of the figure on the right in order to...  

fertig bemalte Figuren neben dem Mercedes CLK Cabrio...make it fit into the Mercedes covertible (by BUSCH). Its front wheels are turned a bit. How we did that? Find out here.

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