Continuation: 'Luigi's ice cream parlour'

fabrikneu glänzende Teile neben einem bereits farblich behandelten TeilQuite often plastic parts look unnaturally glossy. To give them a more realistic appearance, you should apply some matt paint of the same colour; we took opaque water colours children use at school. The painted parts should be touched carefully even after the paint has dried because it doesn’t really cling to the plastic surface. 

das Erdgeschoss steht bereitsThe window frames, panes and painted doors were stuck into the whitened walls. Instead of using the paper mask with printed drapes enclosed to the kit we made realistic miniature curtains ourselves - click here for further information.

Finally, the walls were glued together and put onto the basic plate. Fortunately, the parts from the FALLER kit fit very well; where necessary, white paint can be used to close little gaps between the wall parts. The grey ceiling plate helps to stabilize the building.   

das Erdgeschoss aus einer anderen PerspektiveWe stuck a yellow poster advertising a travelling circus to the big front window. It was designed on our computer and printed in 1/87 scale with a laser printer. Many other details like letterbox, door bell, street sign and a cigarette vending machine will be fixed later.  

Wandteile für das ObergeschossAfter the remaining wall parts had been painted white as well, they were equipped with the windows and some brown wall decoration and finally 'dirtied' a little bit to make them look even more realistic. 

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