Continuation: 'Luigi's ice cream parlour'

das Gebäude mit ObergeschossenThis photo already shows the picturesque character of Luigi’s small house. Of course, we equipped all the windows with curtains. 

das Dach ist gedecktThe building is roofed now! Before fixing the chimney and the dormer, we covered the roof with matt tile colour paint but didn’t imitate dirt and soot yet because the look of the patina depends on the location of the accessories to be fixed later. Gutter and drainpipe were treated carefully with fine-grain abrasive paper and look quite realistic now. 

der realistisch 'verwitterte' KaminPainting the tiny chimney was really a Sisyphean task: Every single brick was covered with a different colour, but it was worth the effort, wasn’t it? By the way, the chimney cover is still missing on the photo.

In order to reproduce the ‘metal’ coating, we took aluminium foil which yet lacks some patina. 

die Gaube mit den Fenstern, hinter denen Luigi schläftOn the opposite side of the roof you can see Luigi’s bedroom with dormer windows now. To give the structure a more realistic look, we carefully applied different colours again.

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