Continuation: 'Luigi's ice cream parlour'

Blick von schräg oben auf den fertig montierten GebäudebausatzHooray! All house parts from the FALLER kit have been used to form the building! Even the chimney has got its cover now. So we’ll have to turn our attention to all the little details that are important for a realistic reproduction of a beautiful ice cream parlour… Just wait and see! 

3. Additional accessories and details of the building

das patinierte Dach mit Sat-Schüssel, Dachluke und Trittstufen für den SchornsteinfegerIndustrially produced model house kits usually lack a lot of details. Therefore, we painted some polystyrene pieces and added them to create a hatch and some steps for the chimney sweeper. Apart from that, we built a satellite dish because Luigi loves watching Italian television programs even in Germany (click here to find out how we did that).

And, at last, we weathered the roof with different acrylic and powder paints.  

Hauseingang mit Hausnummer, Klingel, Briefkasten und StraAuch der an der Rückseite des Eissalons gelegene Hauseingang wurHauseingang mit Hausnummer, Klingel, Briefkasten und StraßenschildOn this photo you can see further details (computer-made or just cut from paper) like a house number, the bell, the letter box with a newspaper and a street sign (‘Gerbergasse’ is German for ‘tanner lane’). All accessories are sized only 1 to 5 millimetres (0.04 to 0.2 inches)! 

Zigarettenautomat an der HauswandOkay, a cigarette vending machine does not really follow the present health trend but can still be found on many walls in Germany selling its deadly tobacco products. We made it with the help of our colour printer again.  

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