Continuation: 'Luigi's ice cream parlour'

Ladeneingang mit Leuchtreklametafel und 'Eis'-FähnchenA big neon sign above the entrance and the little flag reveal what you can buy in this house: ice cream! So, actually, just the guests are missing… 

4. Chairs and tables

die Außenmobiliarteile am SpritzlingThe FALLER kit contains the parts for 3 tables and 12 chairs. Their white colour looks quite realistic, so painting the parts is not necessary. You have to be very careful, especially when separating the tiny armrests from the sprue; they are pretty fragile.

die für den Sitzmöbelbau benötigten Einzelteile neben einem bereits fertiggestellten StuhlIt needs a few drops of plastic glue, a tweezers and a calm hand to make 12 cute little chairs from 36 polystyrene parts.  

die 12 fertigen StühleTake a seat, please! 

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