Continuation: 'Luigi's ice cream parlour'

Originalteile aus dem Bausatz neben Polystyrolrundprofilen und -sheetsAs mentioned above, you can make 3 tables from the parts in the kit. But they are all different in size and shape which is not what we wanted. To get equal tables we had to improvise using polystyrene sheets and profiles.  

drei gleichartige Tische aus unterschiedlichen TeilenThe left table can be made with FALLER parts, whereas the table on the right is our own construction (as you can see in the photo, the table tops haven't been mounted yet). 

die fertigen Tische"Luigi, have you already ironed the tablecloths?" 

StellprobeAfter placing the tables and chairs in front of the ice cream parlour we had to realise that there was not enough space for a realistic arrangement. So we decided to keep one table with chairs for other modelling projects.

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