Continuation: 'Luigi's ice cream parlour'

blaue Zellstoffservietten neben 2 ModelltischenOf course, our tables should be covered with tablecloths. We took one thin layer of a soft paper napkin.   

Modelltische, blaues Papier, ZellstofflageIn order to shape the flimsy tissue material properly, we covered the table with a small sheet of blue paper. Setting miniature tables is a fiddly job anyway, and it would become even more difficult… 

PREISER-Bausatz 'Geschirr, Speisen' und zwei ModelltischeWe cannot deny that the PREISER kit ‘tableware, food’ offers a great variety of realistic stuff, but you really have to be eagle-eyed and not at all shaky to arrange the microscopic parts!  

zwei gedeckte TischeApart from the PREISER accessories we put menus (made from thick glossy paper) on the tables and a piece of cake (cut from sandpaper) on a plate. We like especially the tiny silvery ashtrays which look extra realistic!  

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