Car from Great Britain (right-hand drive)


We wanted to have a car from Great Britain on our model railway layout. Of course, it is not enough to put British registration plates on a German model car - in the UK they have got their steering wheels on the right. We decided to convert a Mercedes-Benz SL-class car with open roof which will reveal our work at first glance.

das fertige Modellauto neben dem Union Jack

We needed:

1. Dismantling the model car

HERPA Mercedes SL neben seiner VerpackungJust taken from the package, the model Benz already looked quite realistic. The exterior mirrors were separate parts (still on a sprue) and had to be glued to the doors later.

das Ausgangsmodell von hinten oben gesehenAfter a glance at the interior with its steering wheel on the left there was no doubt: This car was made for continental Europe. But we would change that…  

Entfernen der Räder mit Hilfe einer PinzetteDismantling an unknown model car should always start with pulling off the wheels with a tweezers. After that you can usually have a look under the wings to find out how the parts are held together by mortise and tenon. A bright lamp is often useful.

Entfernen der Heckleuchten ,mit Hilfe einer PinzetteThe tail lights of most model cars have a tenon that holds together chassis and bodywork. We pushed the lamps carefully out with our tweezers, like shown in the photo on the left.  

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