Continuation: Car from Great Britain (right-hand drive)

der Kühlergrill wird mit einer Pinzette von innen herausgestoßenRemoving the radiator grille worked in a similar way; it has also got a tenon on its back. 

Abnehmen der BodenplatteAfter that we could tear off the chassis plate like shown in our photo, but we had to be very careful because the lower front grille and the fog lamps stuck in the front spoiler - better safe than sorry! 

das in seine Einzelteile zerlegte FahrzeugDismantling the remaining parts was no problem at all. As our photo shows, the exterior mirrors which had not been fitted by Herpa were still on the sprue (front, in the middle).


2. Wheels

die Bodenplatte und ein vom Spritzling abetrenntes KunststofffähnchenHave a look at parked cars! Usually their front wheels are turned a bit. Model cars, however, often look like static toys because of their straight front wheel position. So we decided to ‘carve’ two tiny oblique fragments from a polystyrene sprue to glue the wheels to the chassis plate in a slightly turned position.

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