Continuation: Car from Great Britain (right-hand drive)

Anbringen von Polystyrolsplitterchen für den gewünschten LenkeinschlagWe glued two similar polystyrene splinters into the gaps at either end of the groove that normally takes the front axle.  

die vorderen Achshalterzapfen wurden entferntThese (now filled) gaps originally had to take the tenons that keep the axle in its position. Therefore we had to remove the front tenons from the underside of the interior part.

die modifizierte Bodenplatte von unten betrachtetThe chassis plate seen from the bottom already reveals the position of the front wheels… 

4 Felgen und eine Dose AlufarbeWe wanted to make the greyish rims look more realistic and decided to paint them with aluminium colour. Double sided adhesive tape kept the rims in their position and our fingers clean at the same time. 

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