Continuation: Car from Great Britain (right-hand drive)

der Instrumententräger befindet sich nun auf der rechten Seite des ArmaturenbrettsRedesigning the dashboard was the first challenge of our project. We had to sand down the instrument panel on the left and carved a new one for British drivers. Besides a drop of glue a small piece of polystyrene, a sharp knife, a file and some sandpaper were all the things we needed. However, the very small size of the plastic parts made it quite a fiddly job.  

kolorierte Innenraumteile neben 2 Revell-FarbdosenAfter that we painted the interior beige and the dashboard dark grey. The light colour of the ’leather’ seats enhances the luxurious character of the expensive roadster. 

die zusammengesteckten Innenraum- und BodenplattenteileFinally we fitted the interior part of the model car to the chassis plate and admired the amazing effect of the slightly turned front wheels…

4. Bodywork details and final assembly

Karosserie, Frontscheibe und Außenspiegel, die noch einiger Detailarbeiten bedürfenAs already mentioned above, the exterior mirrors came as separate parts and had to be fixed to the doors. Apart from that, we had to change the wipers from continental layout to the ‘mirrored’ arrangement they have on right-hand-drive cars.

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