5. Workshop

4 white plastic sheets are lying next to each otherFrom 1 mm (0.04 in) thin plastic sheet we cut three walls and the floor and glued them together creating a half-open workshop room. 

assembled wall and floor parts beside some parts from the KIBRI kitWe then did another dry run and placed some of the outer walls of the building around the workshop module. The left front door would lead to a staircase (we wouldn't reproduce that though). As you will have probably noticed, the workshop itself is not as deep as it could have been; behind the back wall there should be a toilet and a kitchen (Alexander would have access to these hidden rooms through a door we still had to make).

white walls and grey flooringAfterwards we  painted the inner walls and 'put down' the flooring we had designed on the computer and printed on paper. Matt white by REVELL (no. 5) seemed suitable to us as it is a rather warm shade of colour. Unlike most other REVELL paints this one is usually quite thick and even develops a skin after some time, so we have always got a few tins in stock. Best results can be achieved just after opening a new tin.

the door made vom pine veneerThe above-mentioned door to the private rooms (toilet and kitchen) was cut from pine veneer; we made the little handle from a plastic splinter and the lock is nothing but a tiny drop of white paint...   

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