6. Building (outer walls and roof)

plastic wall with contour marksFirst of all, we marked the contours of the roof, the inner walls and the ceilings of the demolished next-door house on the plastic side wall.

side wall with brickwork structuresUsing a Stanley knife, we then engraved a brickwork structure in various parts of the wall.

parts of the side wall have been paintedThese areas were painted matt brown whereas the wall of the former bathroom of the neighbouring house received a light blue coat of paint and some white tiles (plastic sheet with engraved 'tiles'). The living room wall was decorated with a flowery wallpaper (made with our colour printer). As you wouldn't see much of the ground floor wall anyway we applied some grey 'roughcast' which has obviously flaked off in some parts.

Using so many different REVELL paints, our paint stirrer came in really handy.

close-up of the side wallOn the left you can see a close-up of the modified side wall. The slightly lighter areas of the wallpaper are tell-tale signs that  some pictures must have been hanging in the living room for a while...

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