7. Interior lighting

the LEDs by KAHLERT-LICHT have been fixed above the workshopWe chose the LED ball-shaped bulbs by Kahlert-Licht (you can read our product report here) to illuminate the workshop and the shop sign. These lamps do not only spread some of their light throughout the room, but they also show some spotlight effect at the same time. Therefore, we fixed two of the bulbs pointing at the rear of the shop sign. Their light beams are strong enough to let the sign shine "from inside". 

workshop module inside the building, seen from aboveOur photo on the left shows the workshop module inside the building. To prevent light from shining through the windows, we glued some cardboard sheets (cereal box) behind the walls.

tin foil 'ceiling' for the top floor of the buildingAnother piece of cardboard was wrapped in tin foil and fixed below the roof. Not only would this prevent light from leaking through the roof, but it would also ensure an even (indirect) illumination of the workshop area.

testing the lightsBefore closing the roof for good, we switched on the lights to make sure everything worked properly. Luckily, shop sign and workshop area were being illuminated perfectly well by the three LEDs inside the building!


    Table of contents:

  11. Materials list
  12. Preliminary considerations / planning
  13. Base plate and frame
  14. Street and pavement
  15. Workshop
  16. Building (outer walls and roof)
  17. Interior lighting
  18. Neighbouring estate with rubble
    9. Mail van
  10. Further details and accessories
  11. Picture gallery

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