8. Neighbouring estate with rubble

Kiefernholzprofilleistchen und -furnierWe used pinewood profiles (2 mm x 2 mm) and veneer to make a miniature site fence. 

der noch unbehandelte BauzaunOnce we had cut the veneer into three parts, we reassembled these in a different order (because of the grain) and glued little wooden posts onto the 'butt seams' (the gaps between the boards). 

Wasserfarbkasten, Pinsel und der gealterte BauzaunOf course, the site fence had to look a bit more weathered; we used water colours for that. Once almost all the paint had been removed from the brush with kitchen roll and newspaper paper, the remaining pigments gave the fence that worn look. We also followed the motto 'less is more' when applying some powder paint to add the finishing touches.

der fertige BauzaunAnd that's the site fenced off!   

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