9. Mail van

When looking for a suitable 'Deutsche Bundespost' (German Mail) van for our diorama we discovered a HERPA model vehicle with a printed advert for a German model railways magazine. As the model was produced in the 1980's it is pretty difficult to get your hands on nowadays. At last, we were able to buy one on an internet auction website. We also wanted to use some spare parts from an old ROCO model (VW transporter T3 crew cab/pickup 'Deutsche Bundesbahn') which had been part of our own model car fleet for about three decades.

das HERPA Postfahrzeug steht neben dem Bahndienstfahrzeug von ROCO

First of all, we had to take the yellow HERPA vehicle apart, as some of its parts would have to undergo various modifications.

pulling off the wheelsDismantling an unknown model car should always start with pulling off the wheels with a tweezers. After that you can usually have a look under the wings to find out how the parts are held together by mortise and tenon.  

lifting off the bodyworkThe black number plate holder at the rear is actually a snap-in nose. Pushing it carefully inwards (e.g. with a pair of tweezers) allowed us to lift up the rear part of the body; the whole bodywork could then be pushed forward and that way slid off the lower front grille.

pulling out the upper front grilleThe upper grill is connected to the body with two tenons; it could therefore be easily removed by pushing and pulling.   

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