10. Further details and accessories

two unpainted PREISER figurine beside a miniatur parcelApart from Alexander we wanted to place two more miniature people on our diorama: Dieter the postman and Curt, one of the happy customers. The PREISER figures were unpainted; the postman was actually a dancer and the customer a traveller carrying two bags (we cut them off carefully...). You can find out  here how we made the parcel.

miniature postman delivering a parcelIt didn't take more than a little bit of paint and creativity to transform the bopping PREISER figure into 'Dances with Parcels'.

PREISER figure with a yellow carrier bagOnce the traveller had been separated from his two suitcases (we did that with a sharp Stanley knife) he got a yellow carrier bag instead which we had made from polypropylene foil (real carrier bag).

election poster 'Diethmar Frueh, DCU' which is fixed to a lamp postWe created the fictional election poster ourselves (computer and colour printer). Its legs are made from very thin pine profiles. Where suitable, we 'planted some fast-growing weeds' (green foam flocks from the BUSCH flower and planter kit) in order to make the diorama even more realistic.


    Table of contents:

  11. Materials list
  12. Preliminary considerations / planning
  13. Base plate and frame
  14. Street and pavement
  15. Workshop
  16. Building (outer walls and roof)
  17. Interior lighting
  18. Neighbouring estate with rubble
    9. Mail van
  10. Further details and accessories
  11. Picture gallery

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