Mr. Dommel's taxi company


Hubert Dommel has been running a small taxi company since the 1970’s. He hasn't become a rich man, but nowadays he is able to offer jobs to five drivers. Whenever necessary, Mr. Dommel still steers a taxi himself - his beloved ‘76 Mercedes estate car. He looks after this car and even does the maintenance services himself in his garage. His wife Heidemarie takes care of the bookkeeping. The taxi company is situated in the backyard environment of a German city, but some green plants will create a not too monotonous atmosphere. And, of course, there will be plenty of charming details.

We needed so far:

1. Planning

diverse Bausätze, ein Messschieber und ein LaptopFirst of all, we had to put our idea down to paper - or better down to screen. We used a special planning software instead of graph paper, pencil and eraser.

Probelegen von Teilen auf der GrundplatteTo gain a first impression, we put some of the parts we needed to build the diorama onto the basic plate, changing the arrangement several times. Earlier, the plate had been painted in a bluish grey colour. 

2. Basic plate

die ersten Teile sind auf der Grundplatte aufgeklebtOnce everything had been planned carefully, we stuck the basic plates of the main building (from the FALLER kit) and the small garage (from the KIBRI kit) to their intended positions. The pavement was cut from the cobblestones sheet made by BRAWA - it doesn’t look at all like real cobblestones but like pave stones, and that's the important thing.

mit einem Schleifklotz werden die Hebebühnen abgetragenMr. Dommel doesn’t need two hydraulic ramps because he doesn’t run a professional garage. Apart from that, PREISER offer a more realistic solution, so we levelled down the FALLER ramps with a sanding block.  

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