Continuation: Mr. Dommel's taxi company

Zuschneiden der Pflasterplatten mit Bastelmesser und StahllinealHubert Dommel's property is paved with interlocking concrete paving stones. We decided to use paving sheets made by the German modelling specialist Auhagen and cut the sheets to size with a sharp knife. Exact measuring is essential in order to achieve a satisfying result. 

Einpassen der PflasterplattenDespite careful planning, the correct position of all parts was additionally checked again and again before glueing them.  

mit dem Handbohrer werden Löcher für die Kanaldeckel in die Pflasterplatten gebohrtOf course, Mr. Dommel’s plot of land had to be connected to the city’s sewerage system. So we drilled the 'concrete' surface several times.

Umbau von der Golf-Felge zum KanaldeckelDrain covers made from car rims? No problem in our miniature world… Our photo shows every step of reproducing amazingly realistic drain covers: Remove the tyre from the rim (here: Volkswagen Golf II by Herpa), fill in some putty, sand it down carefully and paint it brown - that’s it!

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