Continuation: Mr. Dommel's taxi company

Tiefbord aus hauchdünnen Kunststoffstrips, im Vordergrund patiniertes VerbundpflasterWe weathered the pave stone area with thinned dark matt varnish. The drain covers will be put into the drill holes later to prevent them from getting spoilt accidentally. Between the walls and the stones we put…   

Tiefbord aus hauchdünnen Kunststoffstrips…some polystyrene strips to reproduce some kind of kerb. The remaining gap will be filled with pebbles because Mr. Dommel doesn’t want the walls of his buildings to become dirty from spattering soil during heavy rain. 

die verspachtelte Fläche, Spachtelmasse und zwei SpezialspatelThe areas that would be 'planted' later were filled with putty and sanded down, filled and sanded down, filled and sanded down… 

die verspachtelte Fläche wurde erdfarben lasiert…and finally varnished with thinned matt earth colour. Now we could begin the structural engineering! 

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