Continuation: Mr. Dommel's taxi company

3. Garage with C-Class taxi

C-Klasse Taxi von Herpa, das schon bessere Tage gesehen hatOn ebay we bought a Mercedes C-Class taxi which was actually in a very bad condition: One of the headlights had got lost as well as the Mercedes star that should have been on the bonnet, the prints on the doors were scratched and the whole car was rather dirty. So it cost just a few cents - and its fate would be to be parked inside a garage hardly being seen through the half-open door anyway…  

das vollständig in seine Einzelteile zerlegte TaxiOur photo shows the car after we had taken it into pieces and cleaned everything. The parts on the right can be used for other purposes because, as mentioned above, you won’t see much of the taxi in the garage anyway. Especially the nice Mercedes wheels were replaced by ugly but cheaper ones, and the interior equipment could be removed completely. 

das gesuperte Taximodell an seinem endgültigen StandplatzThe reversing lights were painted grey, the rear spoiler at the end of the roof got an anthracite colour. We designed the number plate on our PC and printed it with a colour printer. Finally the car was glued to the basic plate of the garage. 

die noch unbehandelten GaragenbauteileAnd these were the wall parts of the garage (taken from the Kibri kit 'backyard environment') when they had just been cut from the sprue. They really needed some paint, didn’t they? 

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