Continuation: Mr. Dommel's taxi company

4. Wall and brickwork shed

ziegelrote Kunststoffteile für Schuppen und Mauern, teilweise bereits montiertMr. Dommel built a wall around his buildings to protect his property. To reproduce this wall, we took the parts from the Kibri kit ‘backyard environment’; unfortunately they didn’t fit well as our photo shows. The parts could be more detailed, too.  

Grundmauern des Schuppens nach Auftrag der SpachtelmasseSo we needed some modelling putty to fill the ugly gaps. 

der Geräteschuppen, verschliffen und grau grundiert, davor Tür- und FensterteileAfter sanding the filled-in areas, we painted the walls with grey basic colour… 

Türseite des fertig kolorierten Geräteschuppens…and finally coloured the bricks with several layers of red and brown paint. The door got a more realistic light grey matt varnish cover and a handle made from thin wire. The right window was glued into the wall in a slightly tilt position. Of course, everything had to be 'dirtied' a little bit.

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