Continuation: Mr. Dommel's taxi company

der fertige GeräteschuppenFinally, the shed got a corrugated fibre cement roof. How to make that from scratch, you can find out here.  

Colaflasche auf der Fensterbank des Schuppens, dahinter ein Graffiti auf der SperrholzplatteWell, it is definitely not the best part of the city where the taxi company is situated. Vandals destroyed the street side window of the shed, and even the temporary chipboard has already been tagged by an unknown sprayer. Compared to that, the ‘forgotten’ cola bottle is pretty harmless… We made it from a small fragment of acrylic glass.  

mit einem Microbohrer wurden von Hand Löcher für die Zaunpfosten gebohrtBetween garage and shed there would be a wire mesh fence. So we drilled some holes for the fencing posts with a micro drill (0.5 mm). 

sechs Zaunpfosten und ein Streifen MaschendrahtzaunYou can buy miniature wire netting from different manufacturers; we prefer the set made by BUSCH (read our test report). We cut the netting to the correct size but took model car axles as fencing posts instead of the enclosed plastic sticks which are much too thick.

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