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We tested the modelling kit 'Cart with flowers' by BUSCH (art.no. H0 1228)

eine Großmutter und ihr Enkel stehen vor dem Blumenkarren und betrachten diesen

It has always been a nice custom to welcome visitors to a town or village with colourful flowers. Therefore, as part of their ‘Natur Pur’ (pure nature) series, German manufacturer BUSCH offers a H0 scale flower cart. Our following test will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the kit that contains many very tiny parts. Furthermore, we will show a simple way to enhance the look of the cart.

Rückseite der VerpackungFirst of all, we would highly recommend that you have a close look at the packaging if you intend to buy this kit: There are two different kinds of carts available, one with high sided plates, and another one with low sides. The nice picture on the front of the box shows the first type, but if you want to know what you are just going to buy you have to check the back. There a red dot indicates which of the kits is included.

Additionally, you will find some helpful information in different languages, including the warning that you will own a ‘model building item, not a toy’ which is not suitable for children under 14 years; they probably wouldn't have the patience nor the skills anyway to create a realistic ’sea of flowers’ from all these extremely tiny parts…

Overall, the packaging meets our expectations of a quality product: Thanks to the colour photos and the (multilingual) description of the model it provides you with the necessary information, and the cardboard box is just big enough to accommodate all the parts and is still able to protect them sufficiently at the same time.

Verpackung nebst InhaltThe parts for building the wooden cart as well as the flower parts are packed in separate see-through bags so that not a single petal will get lost and the modeller will stay on top of things after taking everything out of the box. Unfortunately, the ‘wooden’ parts for building the cart are of a much paler colour than shown on the packaging, so if you prefer realistic looking models, painting or at least weathering might appear to be inevitable for you.

As we had expected, all contents of the BUSCH kit were clean, but the small bit of grass mat that comes with the kit had lost some fibres which stuck to the plastic parts (due to the electrostatic charge). 

Furthermore, none of the parts had been damaged - apart from the drawbar that was a bit bent. Another part obviously had not left the mould in perfect condition and showed some ‘webbing’ - we would not have expected that in times of high-tech mould construction. 

Einzelteile des BlumenkarrensThe instructions leaflet does not need much text to be understandable (English language is available though), and thanks to the coloured pictures almost every step can be easily reproduced by the modeller.

Only mounting the drawbar parts seemed to be a bit more difficult to us, so, alas, we misunderstood the picture in the leaflet and did not assemble these bits properly (thus our photo on the left does not show the correct state of the drawbar). Annoying, of course, but thanks to the very careful use of plastic glue we could fortunately correct this little mishap.

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