We tested the Audi TT roadster by WIKING (AUDI 501.05.005.12)

das getestete Fahrzeug vor der untergehenden Sonne

Spring 2007 - the sun has been spoiling us with more light and warmth than usual at this time of the year. Thanks to the climate change, the word ‘April weather’ has obviously got a more positive meaning nowadays. Hence, drivers of a convertible car or roadster won’t have to cope with those pitiful looks from other people anymore (if they have ever bothered them at all anyway...).

The community of miniature PREISER figures however has never been interested in climate change policy and the weather in general; they have only got eyes for everything that stands and drives around them in the model railway layout they ‘live’ in. Therefore, we want to scrutinise our test object - as usual - unbiased; on this occasion, we will examine a model car made by WIKING: the latest Audi TT roadster. At the moment, you can buy it from Audi (local dealer and Audi online shop) for the price of EUR 14.- including a nice see-through plastic display box.

FrontansichtThe box itself is wrapped in cardboard printed with plenty text; you can’t gain much information though - we would have liked to see some technical data, but all you get is, for example, the advice that too much sunlight might harm the model car (however, no word about its driver...).

Well, at least the sturdy package provides the little WIKING roadster with good protection from impact, but due to the fixings (wire clamps) inside the box it takes the excited model car fan a while to remove all the packaging in order to view the streamlined TT by itself.

Although the Audi sales personnel had some minor difficulties (direct quote: ‘Is that really the brand new model already?’), we find the Audi TT roadster by WIKING very recognisable. The manufacturer has obviously done a great job transferring the vehicle’s proportions and characteristics into 1/87 scale.

Not only car experts will spot plenty of tiny details that have been passionately reproduced. Apart from some (obviously unavoidable) little scratches in the windscreen, we couldn’t find any damages. Nevertheless, the WIKING people could have paid a bit more attention to the proper assembly of the model car parts. However, our careful fingers were able to fix all this; only the windscreen wouldn’t fit properly into its frame by any means.

DraufsichtThe lighting equipment looks very realistic (at least if you have chosen a light body colour, like we did), but the rims gleam a bit too metallic and would therefore better suit a toy than a high quality model car. And this little Audi definitely doesn’t want to be a toy. Apart from that, the combination of black and silver is quite common on real cars and looks harmonious.

Surprisingly, we noticed that the rear wheels are not situated in the centre of their housing which really strikes the eye (see our side view photo further down on this page). They seem to be too close to the rear end of the car. Measurement testing shows eventually that the wheelbase is absolutely true to scale; furthermore, the car’s width and height are correct, but unfortunately it is a little bit too short, therefore with all the other dimensions being correct, the wheels simply can’t fit properly into the wheel housings. We checked several other TT roadster models and got the same result, so we have obviously detected a constructional fault.

The glossy silver metallic varnish which contains stunningly tiny particles has been applied evenly and doesn’t give any reason for criticism. The silver prints are precise but don’t really catch the eye due to the similar body colour they have been applied to. Apart from the Audi rings (front and rear), you will find the model and engine badging on the boot lid as well as the ‘quattro’ logo. The latter however is, for some inexplicable reason, missing on the radiator grille that has been plated with the Audi rings anyway, but both rear exhaust pipes, fog lamps and reversing lights as well as the fuel tank lid please the eye thanks to some silver paint.

HeckansichtThe interior and exterior mirrors look marvellous and come with realistic details like integrated side indicators and silver mirror faces - the Audi TT roadster by WIKING really doesn’t need to hide behind the much more expensive model track vehicles from contemporary high-quality production but would fit in neatly in a true-to-life model railway layout. The missing short rod aerial (most other model cars don’t come with this feature either) can be reproduced easily and without any extra costs from a black bristle of a broom.

In our test chapter ‘completeness / presence of all lights’ the little Audi model vehicle gets the full score - you will spot all the lighting equipment of the real car. Especially the headlights, even their colour, look very realistic and preserve the roadster’s ‘angry look’ in H0 scale.

The interior simply deserves the verdict ‘very good’. Listing all the details would go beyond the scope of this test report, so let us at least mention the air outlets in the dashboard with their silver frames and the cup holders. Hence, you won’t be surprised that even the tiny Audi rings in the centre of the steering wheel have been reproduced, will you?

Well, whenever car manufacturers ask model car producers to make a miniature of their product and, of course, want to present it on the day of its launch, minor differences between the 1/1 scale car and the model can sometimes occur. This might explain why the other ‘aluminium’ applications on the otherwise absolutely realistic three-spoke steering wheel look slightly different from the ones in the real vehicle.


Although the size of the wheels of the model car doesn’t look unrealistic, our measurement testing proves that the rim diameter is rather 20 than 18 inches (which would be the real size of the optionally available alloy rims). Nevertheless, the tyre width is correct. We have mentioned the unnatural colour of the 7-spoke rims already; their paddle wheel or turbine design however is close to reality. Alas, the visible brake disks are too small.


The Audi TT roadster is one of the best model cars we have tested so far. A few drawbacks prevent this ‘very good’ miniature vehicle from taking over at the top of our ranking list, but WIKING have already got the top position anyway and, just like in real life, it is not very easy to overtake an Audi Q7...


Packaging (50) 31
Protection of the vehicle (25) 23
Unpacking the vehicle (10) 2
Information content (15) 6
Visual overall impression (350) 311
'First impression' (50) 44
Proportions / recognisability of the real vehicle (50) 48
Closeness to scale, subjective impression (40) 38
Condition / intactness of the model (30) 28
Fitting accuracy / flawless assembly (30) 22
'Look-and-feel' / subjective impression of the model quality (40) 35
Fitting accuracy / flawless assembly (30) 27
Fineness of detail (30) 28
Lights (20) 16
Wheels and tyres (20) 16
Farbharmonie (10) 9
Vehicle body (200) 187
Closeness to scale (40) 36
Wealth of detail / attention to detail (40) 37
Fineness of detail (30) 27
Colour quality of the plastic, if applicable: paintwork quality (35) 35
Quality of prints, colour and chrome applications (35) 34
Interior and exterior mirrors (20) 18
Lights (150) 143
Completeness / presence of all lights (50) 50
Attention to detail (50) 47
Closeness to reality in terms of colour (50) 46
Interior / Dashboard / Seats (100) 89
Wealth of detail / attention to detail (40) 37
Fineness of detail (40) 34
Steering wheel / handle bars (20) 18
Wheels (150) 128
Closeness to scale (50) 42
Wealth of detail / attention to detail (40) 34
Fineness of detail (40) 36
Colour quality of the rims (20) 16
Gesamtwertung: sehr gut 889
(max. 1000)

*Find out more about the test criteria for model vehicles here.

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