Our way of testing accessories

Packaging - 15 points max.
Ideally, the packaging provides best possible protection from damage. Nevertheless, unpacking the parts should not at all be a problem. Apart from that, we expect high information content because customers should know as much as possible about the product and its manufacturer. Photos on the packaging can help you to get a first impression of the goods inside, so accordance of the product pictures with the real product should be self-evident.

'First impression' - 15 points max.
Usually it is the ‘first impression‘ that counts. Especially once accessories have been fitted into a diorama or model railway layout, very few people will immediately pull out their magnifying glasses to explore them carefully. Of course, glaring faults will result in points deductions.

Originality - 15 points max.
Ideally, all things of the real world should be also available in 1/87 scale, but that’s not possible. So reproductions of the extraordinary details of our daily life will score in this part of our test.

Closeness to reality - 15 points max.
Accessories for model railway layouts and dioramas should be small, perfect reproductions of real things. Therefore, e.g. miniature people with unnaturally coloured skin, model horses with unrealistic posture or little trees that would collapse under the weight of their fruits in real life are not acceptable. 

Wealth of detail - 15 points max.
We expect from a perfect reproduction that it shows all characteristic and important details of the original.

Fineness of detail - 15 points max.
Modern production methods allow to copy even tiniest things; this high-tech manufacturing should result in an amazing fineness of detail. 

Closeness to scale - 15 points max.
Measuring has to prove that the tested object is a perfectly scaled down reproduction of the original. If every manufacturer keeps exactly to the same scale you will not have any problems putting different model railway accessories side by side on your layout. Otherwise some items might appear too big or too small compared to others.

Condition of all parts - 15 points max.
Model railway accessories most often cost a tidy sum; so we expect all parts to be in perfect condition, e.g. there should not be any remnants from the production process which hinder the parts from fitting accurately or make them look ugly and unrealistic.

Quality of colours, prints or paintings - 15 points max.
Plastic parts have to have homogeneously coloured surfaces and must not show any streaks. If the parts are printed or painted, we expect high quality work: Prints have to be sharp and precise, paintings should be accurate and even.  

Overall evaluation

overall verdict: outstanding 135 - 127
overall verdict: very good 126 - 115
overall verdict: good 114 - 100
overall verdict: average 99 - 85
overall verdict: in need of improvement 84 - 67
overall verdict: not worth the money 66 - 52
overall verdict: usable as spare parts only 51 - 0
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