Hedged with doubt

We tested the "model hedges, dark green" made by NOCH (art.no. 21524)

Have you ever swept the pavement along accurately cut green hedges? Then you’ll probably know how tiny their leaves usually are. Even nowadays, a perfect reproduction of these common plants in 1/87 scale seems to be impossible. We decided to scrutinise the dark green model hedges made by the German manufacturer NOCH. According to them, their product is suitable for H0, TT and N gauges - so they should fit in an 00 scale scenery as well.

Frau Preiser versteckt sich hinter der NOCH Hecke

To be honest, the leaves of this NOCH product are not at all tiny and look rather like miniature lettuce leaves. Our photo gives you quite a good impression of their size. Just imagine the hedges on an N gauge layout…

Packung mit InhaltBut let’s stick to our systematic way of testing modelling accessories and start with having a look at the blister package. It provides all the information you need and allows you a first glimpse at the hedges. And it protects the product quite well, although some green crumbs roll around the hedges. (Don’t discard them; you might need them on your model pavement…).

After unpacking the hedges, we realized a strange smell similar to what you sense through your nose being in a carpet store. But this first smell vanished soon and, of course, we will not sniff at our model railway layout or diorama all day long anyway.

The two green hedge strips are each about 50 cm (approx. 19.7 inches) long and very flexible, so you should be able to 'plant' them in almost any shape you want. But putting them in a straight line just for trial purposes is quite difficult because they’ll always attempt to get back to their ‘embryo-like’ position they had had in their package for a more or less long time. If you are sure, of course, some drops of glue will force the model hedges to remain in any shape you want them to.

Referring to H0 gauge, the product allows you to ‘plant’ a hedge that would be almost 90 meters / 295 ft long in our real world, its height is 10 mm (87 cm / 34.3 inches in 1:1 scale) and its width is 6 mm (52 cm / 20.5 in).

die Heckenstreifen lassen sich flexibel 'verlegen'So, apart from their oversized leaves, the hedges are true to scale. And the first impression you will get from the model hedges ‘planted’ on a diorama or a model railway layout is not unnatural because of the mixture of unstructured, differently coloured leave scraps.

But advanced modellers might give them an even more realistic look by imitating a branch base under the green leaf material (e.g. by sticking the hedges onto a narrow, brownish polystyrene strip) and putting some soil-like material around the hedges.  


All in all, NOCH offers an adequate product for reproducing green hedges on your diorama or layout. But, as usual, realistic appearance finally depends on the ‘landscape gardener’s’ practical skills.

Packaging (15) 12
'First impression' (15) 9
Originality (15) 9
Closeness to reality (15) 9
Wealth of detail (15) 9
Fineness of detail(15) 9
Closeness to scale (15) 9
Condition of all parts (15) 15
Quality of colours, prints or painting (15) 14
Gesamtwertung: durchschnittlich 95
(max. 135)

*Find out more about the test criteria for modelling accessories here.

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