Helping hand

eine PREISER-Figur ist im Halter eingespannt und wird bemalt

Has that ever happened to you? You are tidying up and decide to get rid of something you had not used for years? And just days later the discarded item would have been very handy to have?

diverse SchreibtischutensilienWell, we were on our way to the bin already because a note holder just did not seem to make sense anymore in the age of digital planners. One last glance at the dusty thing and... hold on! The little clamp might be handy when painting tiny parts. But for this purpose, it would need a much more secure stand...

die Bauteile für die Dritte HandTo achieve a low centre of gravity, we went for a big screw cap and some rather heavy scrap metal parts to make a steady base for our holder.

Pappeinleger wird aus dem Deckel entferntFirst of all, with the help of an old screwdriver, we removed the cardboard from the lid.

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