No-cost photo studio

Digitalkamera vor einem blauen Hintergrund

If you want to take professional-looking photos of model vehicles and model railway accessories you need a photographic studio. Trade and industry offer a variety of solutions, and there seems to be no price limit. Well, quite often we use a small photo studio ourselves for taking the pictures for our website, but instead of buying one we made it from scratch. That didn’t cost us a single penny because we used parts which can be found in almost every household.

das bereit liegende MaterialAll we needed can be seen in the picture on the left: a small empty cardboard box, paper sheets (A4 format) in different colours, brown packaging tape, a Stanley knife, a stapler and a glue stick.

die sortierten HintergrundblätterFirst of all, we arranged the paper sheets in a reasonable order, sorted by colours and shades. 

die Hintergrundblätter werden zusammengetackertThen we aligned them properly and stapled them together along the top edge of the pile.

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