Continuation: no-cost photo studio

Kartonteile nach dem ZurechtschneidenAs you can see in the picture on the left, we then cut off some of the cardboard with the sharp Stanley knife. The rear wall is just high enough and the ‘stage’ part is sufficiently deep to allow the coloured paper sheets to act as a decent background for our photo shootings. It wasn’t our goal to win a beauty award for the cardboard construction as you won’t see it in our photographs anyway...

die Hintergrundblätter werden mit Paketband an der Studiorückwand fixiertThe connected paper sheets had to be folded below the staples, and, using some brown packaging tape, the smaller half of the folded paper was stuck to the upper edge of the cardboard.

Anbringen kleiner Pappstücke, um die farbigen Hintergründe in Form zu haltenIn order to prevent the somewhat stiff pile of paper from sliding forward, we made two small stoppers from cardboard and glued them at the front edge of the ‘stage’ which we had slightly shortened before.

unser kleines Fotostudio mit einer Digitalkamera als 'Fotomodell'Our picture on the left finally reveals how we created the title photo for this pictorial. With little effort we have built a small photographic studio which allows us to take stunning photos of our miniature models and test objects.

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