How to avoid fingerprints

a hand with white gloves holds a model bus

white cotton glovesHave you ever spotted annoying fingerprints on your valuable model vehicles? Approximately since the middle of the 19th century these human traces have been used by criminal investigators to identify perpetrators, and we reckon that since then gloves have been worn in order to avoid fingerprints. So, actually, our advice should be old hat for you.

Nevertheless, you can leave your winter garment in the wardrobe as some manufacturers fortunately provide thin cotton gloves which are, for example, worn by butlers. Thanks to a sophisticated material blend of cotton and elastic synthetic fibre they are mashine washable. By the way, we bought our pair of gloves (one size fits all) on ebay and paid only a couple of pounds for them. Of course, you'll find them in specialised High Street shops as well.

So before you touch your precious, maybe even unique model vehicles the next time, you should remember: A little effort can achieve a huge effect.

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