Keep your workplace tidy!

workbench with storage boxes and tools

A tidy house, a tidy mind. No, it is not our intention to give you a lecture, but there is some truth to that old proverb when it comes to miniature modelling on your workbench. Especially when working on several modelling projects at the same time (like we do), it is important to stay on top of things. How easily can those tiny parts needed for making 1/87 scale models get lost in a mess!

storage case with small partsApart from the usual storage cabinets with little drawers (used by DIY fans for screws etc.) we find small stackable containers with several compartments (see photo) most helpful. Once you are finished with your work, they can be stowed away on the shelf, taking up little space, and thanks to their see-through lids they offer perfect dust protection for your valuable small parts. We paid less than £2 per box, and you can get them in your favourite DIY store or online - a handy, neat and tidy solution!

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